The regulation of the UKs financial services industry has undergone significant changes over the last 25 years and is due to undergo many more. The wind down of the FSA and the establishment of the PRA and the FCA introduces new regulators and reporting lines. This combined with a constant stream of EU directives is increasing the burden of regulation with a direct impact on matters such as the distribution of unregulated collective investment schemes, minimum capital requirements, remuneration policies and the sale of investment products to retail investors.

CCL's London office has helped many hundreds of firms obtain authorisation under a succession of regulators and is poised to help both new and established firms meet the challenges presented by the new regulators. CCL continuously works on the many new European initiatives such as the AIFMD and is in a position to provide practitioner support to help firms address the issues raised by this.

CCL provides on-going compliance support services to a wide range of businesses having dedicated personnel with strong sector experience.

In support of the consultancy services CCL provides comprehensive regulatory training to help firms meet the challenges of regulation.