• FCA crack down on authorisation backlog bears fruit

    The average time it takes for someone to become authorised to work in financial services has continued to fall, as the Financial Conduct Authority acts to get its backlog under control.
    Source: FT Adviser, 07/08/2017

  • FCA board fears 'systematic' downplaying of transaction costs

    The FCA board has expressed concern that asset managers could deliberately underestimate their funds' transaction costs in a bid to achieve a 'competitive advantage' under incoming transparency requirements.
    Source: FT Adviser, 04/08/2017

  • Aviva: FCA rules stop us saving clients from themselves

    Aviva’s John Lawson has vented his frustration over rules governing financial advice in a world where people have near total freedom to access their pension money, saying the company is forced to watch and do nothing as customers make bad decisions.
    Source: FT Adviser, 02/08/2017

  • FCA answers your questions on robo-advice

    The regulator has addressed several issues raised by firms in its advice unit, an arm of the Financial Conduct Authority set up to encourage the use of technology in the provision of financial advice.
    Source: FT Adviser, 01/08/2017

  • Powering up for MiFID II changes

    The countdown clock towards implementation of the revised Markets in Financial Instruments Directive and Regulation package (MiFID II) has been running for some time.
    Source: FT Adviser, 26/07/2017