Our SCA Focus Series will provide detailed guidance on the investment business regulations of the Securities and Commodities Authority ("SCA") of the UAE, including detailed information on the various application processes.

This briefing note sets out the steps involved in obtaining SCA registration for funds, and the fees and charges associated with that process.

This download includes guidance on the following:

  • Overview of fund registration process with the SCA
  • General conditions for registration of a foreign investment fund for promotion in the UAE
  • Special conditions with respect to public offerings of a fund
  • Special conditions with respect to private offering of a fund
  • Special conditions regarding the Local Promoter(s)
  • Required Documents
  • The cost of Registering a Fund with the SCA

We know that the regulatory environment concerning the registration of new funds can seem very complex. This download provides clarification on the key aspects of the process.

Download the second issue in our SCA Focus Series now.