How can a compliance monitoring review protect your business?

Having assurance that your business is running compliantly is crucial, not only to fulfil your regulatory obligations but also to the protection of your Firm’s reputation. It is also vital that the systems and controls you have put in place are functioning effectively to enable your business to operate efficiently.

Small issues left unaddressed over time, can manifest into serious systemic issues.

Inadequate review of your systems and controls can leave your business vulnerable: weaknesses are not identified, and breaches are not reported. The absence of an independent compliance monitoring review can also mean that small issues left unaddressed over time, can manifest into a systemic issue in your business, attracting regulatory sanction and reputational damage.

Choosing the right independent advisor for your compliance monitoring review

Our highly experienced consultants understand the regulatory requirements that apply to your Firm as well as the best practice standards that are right for your business. We have the tools and the genuine expertise to carry out a compliance monitoring review of your business and give you straightforward feedback; drawing your attention to higher risk issues and giving you pragmatic recommendations to help you to protect your Firm and maximise the efficiency of your processes.

How we can support your Firm

We understand that compliance monitoring and end-to-end reviews can be time-consuming, particularly if they need to be completed within a tight deadline, we also understand the need for compliance testing to be robust and to avoid a tick-box approach, as this does not add value to your business. We can offer you a robust, risk-based Compliance Monitoring Review tailored to your business, and the expertise to implement it. In practice this means:

  • Creating a bespoke, risk-based Compliance Monitoring Programme, taking into consideration the activities, size, volume and the complexity of your business
  • Implementing the Compliance Monitoring Programme and reviewing your business against the rules and regulations that apply to it
  • Identifying any issues or weaknesses and feeding these findings back to you in a structured, digestible report
  • Identifying potential breaches or systemic issues
  • Providing pragmatic recommendations and agreeing on appropriate actions to take in order to mitigate risks, weaknesses, breaches or to remediate ineffective controls
  • Providing advice on how to achieve compliance with best practice standards as well as your core regulatory requirements

If required after the compliance monitoring review, we can provide follow-up support with remediation projects, providing additional resource, revisiting previous findings after a period of time and checking if they have been adequately resolved.

We understand that Compliance monitoring must be a value-add process

For a straightforward and effective approach that will yield real value-add for your Firm, contact our UAE Compliance Consultants

We have a dedicated team of experienced compliance consultants who can provide expert assurance and peace of mind. Get in touch to see how we can help your Firm.